Xiaomi foldable phone: triple screen forms, hidden camera and more…>

The upcoming Xiaomi foldable phone is soon announced this month with triple screen forms, hidden cameras, and much more interesting features. Check it out!

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Xiaomi foldable phone

According to some leakster, Xiaomi was developing a foldable smartphone a few days ago. Fortunately, we finally had the opportunity to see an official video of the phone in action thanks to LetsGoDigital. In details, the Chinese manufacturer has issued an official statement to LetsGoDigital describing the foldable smartphone. Moreover, the company also shares some points about its development and design.

Undoubtedly, there would be some challenges regarding the flexible screen and the folding mechanism. As far as we learned, the double-fold screen has been developed in collaboration with a provider. From what we learned so far, Xiaomi’s foldable device has two folding sections that fold back and behind the phone (single-folded mode and double folded mode). Otherwise, the mechanism displaces the UI to use the central section.

Whereas, the Xiaomi phone switches to tablet mode with thin frames when being opened with a large usable screen area. However, the video does not show the Xiaomi foldable phone camera, but we expect to see it behind the central area. Furthermore, the optics department would require having one or both “flaps” of the screen to use the camera. Whereas, it is likely to decentralize the camera to take a selfie by folding back a section of the screen as a viewfinder. Besides, other Xiaomi foldable phone specs remain unknown, but you can check the Xiaomi Mi MIX Flex for further reference here.

Xiaomi foldable phone release date and price

As we mentioned above, the company is developing the foldable device at the moment, but might first announce the device at this MWC 2019. However, there is no official statement about its release date. Concerning the cost, Xiaomi foldable phone price should start at least Rs. 69, 990. Stay tuned with us or more updates!

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