Nokia Zeno Edge vs Xiaomi Black Shark Helo: 42MP camera, 10GB RAM and more!

Let’s take a look in the battle between Nokia Zeno Edge vs Xiaomi Black Shark Helo today with fantastic features such as the 42MP rear camera, 10GB RAM and more! Who will be the final winner? Read on to find out!

Nokia Zeno Edge vs Xiaomi Black Shark Helo specs

Between two phones, Nokia Zeno Edge is the premium handset of HMD going to launch next year. Meanwhile, Xiaomi brand released the first gaming-oriented smartphone, called Xiaomi Black Shark Helo. In the combat of display, Nokia Zeno Edge specs offer a 6-inch AMOLED with a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels. In the other side, Xiaomi Black Shark Helo specs sport a 6.01-inch screen with 1080×2160 pixels of resolution. With the higher resolution, Nokia Zeno Edge gets one point from us.

Regarding the processor, the Nokia smartphone equips Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 chipset based on Android 9.0 Pie. On the other hand, the phone of Xiaomi packs Snapdragon 845 chipset, along with Android Oreo 8.0. As a result, the Nokia phone retakes the advantage. Additionally, the Zeno Edge memory comes with 10GB RAM, 128GB ROM (expandable to 256GB). Also, Xiaomi Black Shark provides the same capacity of the memory. Therefore, in the second round, Nokia Zeno Edge wins.

How about the photography system? The Nokia Zeno Edge camera presents 42MP camera on the rear with an aperture coupled with the 24MP selfie camera. Whereas, Xiaomi Black Shark Helo supplies a dual 12MP + 20MP rear sensors and a single 20MP front-facing shooter. In the camera aspect, the Nokia phone is the winner. Concerning the battery, Nokia Zeno Edge juice box performs 5000mAh power box, while this figure is the Xiaomi phone is just 4000mAh. In the last round, the winner is still Nokia Zeno Edge.

Nokia Zeno Edge vs Xiaomi Black Shark Helo release date and price

Until now, there is any official information on the Nokia Zeno Edge release date. Whereas, Xiaomi Black Shark Helo has been on sale since November. People hope to use the Nokia phone in the early of 2019. As for the cost, Nokia Zeno Edge price can start at $630 ~ Rs. 43, 884. Meanwhile, Xiaomi Black Shark Helo price is CNY 3, 199 ~ $459. With the lower expense, you should experience the Xiaomi phone while looking forward to the launch of Nokia Zeno Edge!

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