Nokia Edge Max 2018 vs Sony Cyber-Shot Max: 8GB RAM, dual 32MP cam!!

Countdown from ten to one for this battle today to take off: Nokia Edge Max 2018 vs Sony Cyber-Shot Max. Did you know one of them goes with 8GB RAM and dual 32MP cameras? Let’s make merry with our winner at the end of the article below!

Nokia Edge Max 2018 vs Sony Cyber-Shot Max specs

Out of these twos, the Nokia Edge Max 2018 is the most anticipated smartphone with top-notch specs. Meanwhile, the Sony Cyber-Shot Max is the phone that the Sony maker pins hope on, after the success of the Sony Cyber-Shot. Let’s see whether or not the Sony phone could sail on calm tides to land as a winner. In details, the Nokia Edge Max 2018 specs pack a 6.2-inch Super AMOLED (4K resolution).  Sony Xperia Cyber-Shot Max specs include a 5.5-inch AMOLED display (4K resolution). Thus, both phones seem equal.

Under the hood, both get power from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. As for storage, the Nokia device offers an  8GB RAM alongside 128GB/256GB ROM (expandable up to 512GB). On the contrary, the Sony mobile arrives with 8GB RAM and two ROM options: 64GB/128GB. Besides, there is a micro SD card for extra 256GB. It seems that with the similar amount of RAM but more of onboard storage, the Sony defines itself as a champion this round. The Nokia phone runs on Android Oreo while the Sony handset works on Android Pie.

Nokia Edge Max 2018 vs Sony Cyber-Shot Max

Photography-wise, Nokia Edge Max 2018 camera packs dual 32MP rear-facing snappers and a single 20MP selfie shooter. In the meantime, Sony Xperia Cyber-Shot Max camera ships with dual 32MP rear sensors, coupled with another 16MP selfie shooter. Eventually, the Nokia Edge Max can get revenge on its rival thanks to the better selfie lens. Regarding the battery, the Nokia phablet shoulders a 6000mAh juice box. The Sony flagship rocks a 4500mAh energy cell. Consequently, the Nokia Edge Max 2018 totally destroys Sony Cyber-Shot Max for a much bulkier battery pack.

Nokia Edge Max 2018 vs Sony Cyber-Shot Max release date and price

Based on our source, Nokia Edge Max 2018 release date falls in the last quarter of this year with no fixed time. Whereas, the Sony device is highly likely to come next year with no particular time confirmed too. As for the cost, the Nokia Edge Max 2018 price is $770 ~ Rs. 49, 078. Sony Xperia Cyber-Shot Max price falls around $715 ~ Rs. 52000. For the last words, the Nokia phone is better off with its battery, cameras while the Sony handset outweighs for its more significant amount of storage.  Share with us your contributing opinions down below!

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