Motorola Razr foldable phone: two displays, fantastic design for UNBELIEVABLE price tag!

According to the latest report, a new Motorola Razr phone with the foldable mechanism, two displays carrying a crazy price tag of $1500 is going to hit the market soon. Check out all the details about this beast below!


Motorola Razr foldable phone

Based on the latest surfaced report, Motorola is planning to resurrect the Razr brand by giving it a more 2019 vibe with a flexible display. On the other side, the device seems to be a flip phone with a high-tech twist and creative software features. From what we witnessed, the second display placed on the back. However, the second screen does not give full access to all Android features like Moto Display, Moto Actions, and Moto Camera.

When unfolded, the secondary display functions as a trackpad to scroll webpages in Chrome and other six quick settings. For taking selfies, Motorola Razr camera can take a photo with a single tap or swipe with the main sensor. Also, the users can swipe up on the primary display to zoom in. While the second screen acts as a viewfinder, the external display shows clock, pulsing notifications, and media controls.


Besides, the countdown timer can be shown through the dual screen when operating. Also, the users can choose separate wallpapers for the second screen. On the other side, Motorola would allow the user to scroll to see more tiles. Hopefully, the process could help the user take selfies when holding the phone with the camera pointed toward the user. Interestingly, users can trigger Google Assistant while being flip closed. After the Assistant animation was shown, users can decide to enable it or not. Besides, the user is allowed to “flip open to unlock” using their password or PIN. As for the specs, you can check them out right HERE!

Motorola Razr foldable phone release date and price

So far, Motorola hasn’t announced furthermore information regarding this flagship. However, we might not see the light of the device until the end of July. Whereas, Motorola Razr price on Verizon at $1,500.

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