Apple iPhone XI and XI Max to feature triple-camera system, new Underwater Mode!

Apple’s latest patent now reveals more details about its upcoming flagship dubbed Apple iPhone XI! Notably, the iPhone is reportedly coming with a new Underwater Mode, triple cameras and more. Check it out below!

Apple iPhone XI

Apple iPhone XI specs

According to our source, the new Apple iPhone 2019 series is going to pack a new Underwater Mode. In details, the new feature would allow users to take pictures and navigate the screen even with the phone submerged in water. Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office finally released the patent application of Apple. Additionally, the paper title is Submersible Electronic Devices With Imaging Capabilities.

The application also mentions a smartphone (iPhone) which has a camera system that includes an ambient light sensor to determine the lighting undersea. Furthermore, it sports circuitry designed to measure the depth of the image sensor. Meanwhile, the information about the image sensors’ depth and the ambient underwater lighting are used to adjust the color balance of an underwater photograph.


Apple iPhone XI

Apple also stated in the application that “photos taken underwater by a camera that doesn’t include the patented features could result end up with an ‘undesired greenish color cast,”. On the other hand, we received the information that the new Apple series can have up to two members: Apple iPhone XI Max and iPhone XI. Moreover, the Apple iPhone XI Max and iPhone XI camera system also features a triple-camera setup on the back. Besides, the third sensor is going to be the Time-of-Flight (ToF) lens. Both iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max should continue to sport an IP68 rating.

Apple iPhone XI release date and price

The new Apple iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max should debut in September this year. As for the cost, we can expect the standard Apple iPhone XI price to start at $900, while the Max model price can begin at $1100. What do you think about these two flagships? Drop a comment to let us know!