Apple iPhone XE: 4.8-inch Edge-to-Edge OLED Display, Face ID, Release date!

According to the latest report, a new iPhone dubbed Apple iPhone XE is going to hit the market soon with 4.8-inch Edge-to-Edge OLED Display, Face ID. Catch the full news below for more details today!

Apple iPhone XS

Apple iPhone XE specs

Recently, Apple decided to reduce the price of its iPhone XR handset for India market. As a result, the iPhone XR is now the cheapest device in Apple’s line up, falling behind the iPhone XS and XS Max. In case you didn’t know, the iPhone SE was the brand’s first compact smartphone to arrive with a more affordable price. And this 2019, it seems like this new series is making a comeback.

Based on what we gathered, a new iPhone dubbed iPhone XE should hit the market this year, together with the successor of the XS duo. Moreover, the new model reportedly comes with significant improvements over the old iPhone SE. In details, many tipsters revealed that the new iPhone could feature an edge-to-edge OLED screen. Besides, the iPhone XE retains the rectangular slab of the SE model and an aluminum rear panel.


Apple iPhone XI Max Pro

Similar to its predecessor, the new iPhone XE should be a compact smartphone, sporting a decent 4.8-inch display. There is also a notch on top, and no Home button available. Additionally, it also comes with the new FaceID and Apple’s powerful A12 Bionic processor. As for iPhone XE camera system, it equips a 12MP rear sensor with f/1.8 aperture, similar to the iPhone XR. Meanwhile, there is another 7 MP lens up front with f/2.2, 32mm. Besides, it should pack at least 2942mAh battery capacity and the latest iOS 12 version

Apple iPhone XE release date and price

We can expect Apple to launch this device this fall. As for the cost, Apple iPhone XE price should start at $600 ( roughly INR 41464). What do you think about this handset? Drop a comment to let us know!

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