2019 iPhones to come with varying notch sizes, USB-C and triple-lens cameras!

Based on the latest report, the new 2019 iPhones are going to arrive with varying notch sizes and USB-C support. For more information, read on!

2019 iPhones

2019 iPhones: what’s new?

Enough about the iPhone XS or even XS Max, it’s time to talk about the upcoming 2019 iPhones line up! So far, we have come across various reports talking about the new technology and feature that Apple can adopt into their next iPhone series. Today, a new source shine some light onto Apple’s iPhone plans for 2019. In details, the three iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR are all getting their successors.

Firstly, the iPhone XR successor is going to arrive with a wider notch than the XS Max’s one. On the other hand, our source revealed that Apple is testing many prototypes with a smaller notch. As a result, there is still a chance that the notch won’t make it into the final design. Besides, a new report suggests that Apple is considering switching to the USB-C connector and killing the proprietary Lightning port.

2019 iPhones

On the other hand, the new report also talks about the new color options of the XR successor. It can arrive with a new green color option, but the existing hues will go away. Furthermore, the next iPhone XS Max generation can sport a triple-lens camera system. Additionally, the photography feature should include a new version of Live Photo, which extends the time for the short videos from three seconds to six. Meanwhile, the new iPhone XR model reportedly gets a new dual system update. Finally, it seems like the upcoming 2019 iPhones are going to miss out on the new 3D sensor.

2019 iPhones release date and price

We can expect to meet the new iPhone line up at the end of September the soonest, similar to the iPhone 2018 debut date. As for the cost, the 2019 iPhones price should remain the same. The new iPhone XR price should be $749, while the XS successor begins at $999. Finally, the new iPhone XS Max is going to cost you $1,099.

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